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The field of behavioral science requires professionals to understand the multifaceted nature of people as it applies to a variety of organizations. California Coast offers programs in Behavioral Sciences allowing you to expand your education to create a strong foundation for success. We are committed to helping you develop a broad-based education to meet your professional, academic and personal goals. Our programs are offered 100% online allowing you to maintain an active lifestyle as you earn your degree.

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The Bachelor of Science in Psychology explores the multifaceted nature of human beings through the theories and principles relevant to the field. You will examine the various theories of contemporary psychology based on industry-specific research and best practices. This program is designed to provide you with an understanding of the science of emotions and the factors that shape personality. CCU’s programs have not been designed to meet any particular local, state or national licensing requirements. If you are interested in licensure we advise you to check with your respective state agencies and professional associations before applying.

126 Semester Units

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Earning your Associate of Science in Psychology will allow you to build a foundation in the principles and theories of developmental, abnormal and counseling psychology. You will focus on the major classic and contemporary personality theories.

60 Semester Units

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Earning your Master of Science in Psychology will allow you to focus on the theories, principles and practices utilized in the field of psychology. You will examine the legal, ethical and professional issues that practitioners typically encounter.

39 Semester Units

To apply for the Master of Science in Psychology, you must have earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology or in another field approved by the Admissions Committee.

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